Ipplepen Neighbourhood Plan

Ipplepen Neighbourhood Plan

Ipplepen Neighbourhood Plan Pre submission consultation from 1st May 2022 to 15th June 2022 Ipplepen Neighbourhood Plan – adopted Version May 2023
“If commenting on a section of Ipplepen neighbourhood plan, please show which part of it that you are responding to; e.g. paragraph no, heading/sub heading. Together with name and address (email, if applicable).” Comments to .. ipplepencouncil@btopenworld.com  or by post to the Clerks address at 17, Fairview Road, Denbury, TQ12 6ET

Ipplepen Local Green Space Assessment

Combined Character Areas

Ipplepen Character Areas – June 2020

A4 Ipplepen Policies Map – June 2020


Draft Neighbourhood Plan for N.ABBOT

Draft Consultation Report Sept 19

Draft Ipplepen Character Areas

Draft LGS Review

Ipplepen HN report

Ipplepen War Memorial Proposal

APPENDIX A Area Designation

APPENDIX B Housing Need Report 2014

APPENDIX C Housing Need Report 2019

APPENDIX D Consultation Appendices

APPENDIX E Ipplepen Parking Survey

APPENDIX G Community Facilities Review

APPENDIX H Local Green Space Assessment

APPENDIX I Custom & Self Build Leaflet

APPENDIX J Site Assessments

APPENDIX K Teignbridge 2020 Updated Boundary

APPENDIX L TDC Boundary Methodology 2020

APPENDIX M Parish Biodiversity Audit

APPENDIX N Teigbridge District Landscpae Character Assessment 2014 update

APPENDIX O Teignbridge Conservation Area Character Appraisal for Ipplepen

Appendix F – Character Assessment available on request due to size