Planning Committee Meeting Agenda November 2023

AgendasPlanning Uploaded on November 21, 2023

You are duly summoned to the Planning Committee of the Parish Council that will take place on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at The Millennium Centre, Ipplepen at 6.30pm.


Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting and speak for a maximum of three minutes about an item on the agenda for this meeting during the Public Session at the discretion of the Chair.


Signed: C.Freston

Parish Clerk    21st November 2023



  1. The Chairman will open the Meeting and receive apologies.


  1. To declare any interests arising at this meeting and to consider any dispensation requests relating to this meeting.


  1. To consider the following planning applications:

23/01913/FUL – Storage building at Crosslands, Marldon Road.

23/01994/TPO – T1 Ash – root plate has lifted, tree propped up in adjacent Oak, leaning towards the lane, to be dismantled. T2 Larch – tree is dead, within close proximity to lane, to be felled at Newhouse Barton, Road from Ashbrook Lodge to Newhouse Barton Bridge.

23/02017/HOU –  Single storey extension at 53, Clampitt Road.


The Council will adjourn for the following items:


  1. Public Session (Members of the Public may speak for up to 3 minutes at the discretion of the Chair)


  1. To note the date of the next meeting: Wednesday 20th December 2023.





All members of the public are welcome to attend the above meeting.