Mins. February 2024

Minutes Uploaded on February 9, 2024



Minutes of Meeting held at Ipplepen Millennium Centre


On Tuesday 6th February 2024 at 7.15pm



The following minutes will be considered for approval at the next Parish Council Meeting and may be subject to change until that time.


In attendance:

Coun.Palethorpe (Chairman)             Coun.Carnell (Vice Chair)

Coun.Latter                                            Coun.Burnham

Coun.Smith                                            Coun.Rattlidge

Coun.Jerwood                                       Coun.Ranjit


Coun.Palethorpe District Councillor


Coun.Dewhirst – County Councillor


No Members of the public present


120) APOLOGIES – Coun.Mrs.Calland, Coun.Farrow, Parish Clerk, (Apologies approved unanimously).


121) DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST –  Coun.Ranjit declared a non-prejudicial interest in planning application 24/00031/FUL Change of use and conversion of an agricultural/equestrian building to a wedding venue with car parking and landscaping at Bow Grange, Littlehempston.




Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 2nd January 2024, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


123) PUBLIC QUESTION TIME – No comments




  1. a) James Menzies – Agreed unanimously that Mr Menzies is as he states in his latest email dated 1 Feb 2024 is acting on behalf of the house builder. We have not asked or instructed them to act on our behalf so do not feel we are responsible for any costs he has accrued.
  2. b) Garden Party – Rattlidge and wife would like to attendAction – Clerk to complete the forms.
  3. c) Cold Callers Agreed it should be passed to Village Magazine with a suggestion of including it to warn residents.
  4. d) Football Club. Parish Council congratulates Football Club for all they are doing –Action Clerk to you contact Dave Manning and arrange a date and time for our annual inspection.
  5. e) Landing Lights 3G switched off Cllr Carnell has tested the lights.
  6. f) Airband – Action – Clerk to invite them to present at September meeting.





District Report – Coun.Palethorpe

Teignbridge District Council has been shown to be in the top ten councils in England for the action being taken to reduce its carbon footprint according to a recent independent net zero survey following a major programme of decarbonisation carried out on the Council offices and Leisure Centres. There is still a great deal to do and TDC are continuing to support organisations and groups committed to improving the environment.

Teignbridge Lottery for Communities distributed small grants of up to £2500 to 15 good causes £13,000 plus additional funding of £20,000 from the Economic Vulnerability Fund.

Planning continues to be an ongoing issue with TDC taking positive action to reduce the ‘backlog’ of applications and effort into current projects and future planning to ensure that any developments across the District are done in a way that minimises the carbon footprint.

I am pleased to have been able to support the Ipplepen Scouts in their brilliant initiative of introducing a “Squirrels’ section for younger children with a donation of £300 from the Councillor Community Fund.


David Palethorpe

Teignbridge District Councillor for Ipplepen

County Report – Coun.Dewhirst


Devon County has issued a press release indicating there will be a double digit increase in cash for children and more money for adult care, climate change and transport in the target budget for 2024/25.

New figures presented at Cabinet show a proposed 10.4% increase in the budget for children’s services with a 6% rise in adult services and 4.7% extra for climate change, environment and transport.   The 9.8% increase in the national living wage announced by the Government last year mean an additional £25.7 million has had to be added to the target budget to cover the cost.

Reductions in other departmental spending means an overall rise of 6.3% in our budget for next year with a total spend of over £743 million.

The full council are set to debate the budget next week and my CIRS Scrutiny debated the Budget last Thursday.

The director of finance, Angie Sinclair, said: “Local authorities across the country continue to face financial challenges due to high inflation and interest rates as well as demands on local service provision.”

Cabinet Councillors have approved the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) which set out priorities for developing cycling and walking improvements in a number of areas of the county.

LCWIPs put us in the strongest possible position for bidding for Government funding for walking and cycle schemes, as well as leveraging external grants and for negotiations with developers.

While supporting increased walking and cycling levels across Devon, the plans also support the County Council’s response to the climate crisis, improve health and wellbeing, access for all, as well as delivering economic benefits in the county.

Schemes have been prioritised based on where the greatest impact can be made in increasing the number of people who choose to walk or cycle.   Factors taken into account include whether an alternative route exists nearby, how the links serve key journey types such as travel to school, work and for leisure, and where the potential is greatest to attract developer funding due to planned growth in these areas.


The plan for Teignbridge, covering Newton Abbot, Kingsteignton and Kingskerswell, sets out walking and cycling proposals along five key corridors.

At the same meeting the Cabinet approved plans which set out priorities for electric vehicle charging in Devon.

The EV strategy outlined plans to Reduce carbon emissions in Devon; accelerate the uptake of EVs in Devon, with an overall shift away from private cars; help ensure that the transition was accessible for all and equitable; maximise social value and community benefit; maximise the contribution EVs could make to our local economy, including through increased tourism and contribution to the Council’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Devolution for Devon and Torbay took a big step forward with the publication of Government proposals for a deal that could re-draw the future relationship between local government in Devon and Torbay, and Whitehall.

The proposals announced by Levelling Up Minister Jacob Young at an event in Paignton would enable more decisions to be taken locally by people who know their areas best and on things that matter to local people such as building more affordable homes, investing in new quality jobs and skills, and improving public transport.

The Government has chosen Devon and Torbay as one of only a small number of local authority areas in the country to form a Combined County Authority (CCA), that will not require an elected Mayor.

The new powers would be devolved to a proposed CCA – a partnership comprising Councillors representing the councils of Devon and Torbay, including District Councils, and representatives from business and education.

Under the proposals a new body would have direct control of adult education to create up to 50,000 new training and retraining opportunities by 2030.

Through Local Skills Improvement Plans, the proposed CCA will work with business and education leaders to create a stronger, joined-up relationship between employers and schools, colleges and universities to provide the skilled workforce the local economy needs for the future.

The Government is proposing to transfer over £16 million of new funding to invest in new green jobs, homes, skills, and business growth and accelerate Devon and Torbay’s transition to a net-zero economy, capitalising on the area’s world-leading expertise in green science and technology.

The Government is offering a stronger partnership with Homes England, capitalising on the Affordable Housing Programme and Brownfield Infrastructure and Land Fund to create a joint action plan for affordable housing schemes for local people and reduce homelessness. The proposal includes additional land assembly and compulsory purchase powers and would facilitate greater Community Land Trust-led delivery.

The CCA would be responsible for working with Devon County Council, Torbay Council, District Councils and the business and education sectors to support high growth business sectors such as advanced marine engineering, defence, photonics and digital, and improve the look and feel of local communities with street and town centre enhancements.


Alistair Dewhirst –


126) PLANNING – Coun.Rattlidge


The Minutes of the Plans Meeting held on 17th January 2024 were approved and taken as read.

District Councillor, Coun.Palethorpe is on the Planning Committee for TDC, so will not comment or vote on any Planning Applications discussed below.

To consider the following planning applications:

24/00031/FUL – Change of use and conversion of an agricultural/equestrian building to a wedding venue with car parking and landscaping at Bow Grange, Littlehempston.

Comment: Coun.Jerwood proposed no objection, seconded by Coun.Rattlidge. (All Unanimous).

APPEAL DISMISSED 23/00038/REF – Appeal against the refusal of 23/00217/FUL: Retrospective change of use of paddock land to domestic curtilage, with retention of domestic store, pool and driveway at Littlemead, Marldon Road.


127) AMENITIES –  Coun.Carnell


  1. a) Clampitt Road Toilet refurbishment. Going out to tender.
  2. b) Skate Park removal, Coun.Ranjit and Coun.Jerwood have the removal of the existing condemned skate park in hand
  3. c) Allotments. New post to identify plot numbers to be sourced and purchased. Action –Latter
  4. d) Emergency Plan to be updated Action – Palethorpe, Coun.Ranjit
  5. e) Grit boxes have been checked and where necessary resupplied.
  6. f) DCC Urban Grass Cutting Agreement – DCC Grass cutting contract Proposed Coun.Palethorpe, Seconded Coun.Carnell that the contract be agreed. Vote Unanimous

It was proposed that the DCC contract would be included in the Parish Council Grounds Maintenance Contract which was due to be renewed and that Coun.Palethorpe and the Parish Clerk draw up the Grounds Maintenance Contract to go out to tender for the period 2024-2027. Proposed Coun.Palethorpe, Seconded Coun.Jerwood Vote Unanimous

  1. g) Parish Council Toilet Cleaning. It was agreed that the cleaning service costs be increased by £7.00/week. Proposed Coun.Carnell, Seconded Coun.Jerwood. Vote unanimous
  2. h) Grounds Maintenance Service
  3. i) To consider the quotes received for a new football goal at the Recreation Ground.

Two quotations have been received and were discussed.

RESOLUTION: Coun.Carnell proposed to accept Tender B, Seconded by Coun.Jerwood and agreed unanimously at £935.00 including VAT.

The supplier is Live 4 Soccer.

  1. j) To consider the quotes received for the replacement fencing between the Recreation

Ground and the Village Hall. One quote has been received.

RESOLUTION: Coun.Palethorpe proposed to accept the quote received, Seconded by Coun.Rattlidge and agreed unanimously at £ 2,622.00 including VAT.

The contractor will be Outdoor Play Devon Ltd.


128) FINANCE & PERSONNEL – Coun.Smith


Balance No.                                                                                       £  51,908.97


MCMC – Reimbursement for electricity                                             £         30.24

Mill Centre – Rent                                                                               £       110.00

Allotment Tenants – Rent                                                                   £       560.00

Tennis Club – Rent                                                                             £       150.00

Bowling Club – Rent                                                                           £       250.00

ICC – Rent                                                                                          £       112.50

Football Club – Rent                                                                           £       150.00


Balance                                                                                              53,271.71


Invoices Received and Approved:                                                  £    3,832.21  


Balance                                                                                              £  49,439.50 


Reserve Account Balance                                               £ 165,700.47


                                                                                                            £ 215,139.97

Items to discuss: Nothing to discuss.

129) HIGHWAYS & RIGHTS OF WAY – Coun.Smith


  1. a) Footpath inspections to be completed by 15 March 2024 Cllrs Smith, Latter and Rattlidge will complete inspections
  2. b) Vehicle Flashing speed Awareness Lights. The Parish Council may go ahead in installing the lights. It was agreed that Cllr Rattlidge and Cllr Smith would bring options and quotes forward to a future meeting.
  3. c) Finger Post Signage for the Village. It was agreed that Cllr Rattlidge and Cllr Smith would bring options and quotes forward to the March PC meeting




Coun.Rattlidge has received a document from Maverick Skateparks outlining the options and steps required to progress the development of a replacement concrete skatepark on the existing site footprint. It was agreed that Coun.Rattlidge would circulate the document to all Councillors and the Parish Clerk for consideration at the March meeting on how to take the project forward.


131) PUBLIC QUESTION TIME – No comments.


132) To note the date of the next PC meeting: Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 7.15pm


Meeting Closed at 20.55pm