Amenities Mins December 2023

AmenitiesMinutes Uploaded on January 11, 2024

1. The Chairman will open the Meeting and receive apologies 

2. To declare any interests arising at this meeting and to consider any dispensation requests relating to this meeting. 


3. The Council will adjourn for the following items: 

Public Question Time: A period of 10 minutes will be allowed for members of the public to ask questions or make comment regarding the work of the Council or other items that affect Ipplepen 


4. The Council will convene to conduct the following business: 


1. Electric supply in the Park ?                        (Felt to be unviable, Kervern Mortimore to be informed) 

2. Village Hall fence – report on progress?      (David P awaiting quote) 

3. Next step Clampitt Rd toilet refurb.             (RogerC to confirm details of work required) 

4. Skate park removal – report on progress?  ( JonR to arrange for lifting equipment and BillJ to provide transport to take scrap to scrap yard) 

5. Swing safety surface – report on progress? (BillJ advises that work will be completed before Christmas) 

6. Allotment inspection – plot numbers – new gates – report on progress? (This work is inhand) 

7. 20th December Carol Service arrangements (DavidP will be at the junction by The Wellington, BillJ will be in North Street, and SteveL will be at Meadow Park) 

8. Update on Air Ambulance landing lights.   (RogerC to enquire with Clare Lock) 

9. Grass Cutting Contract.                             (Amenities are content to continue with the present contractor) 


Emergency Group – Report 

                                    Emergency Plan Update?  

                                    Salt bins ( JonR All items are in hand) 



5. To note the date of the next meeting: Tuesday 9th January 2023.