Mins. July 2023

Minutes Uploaded on July 10, 2023



Minutes of Meeting held at Ipplepen Millennium Centre


On Tuesday 4th July 2023 at 7.15pm


The following minutes will be considered for approval at the next Parish Council Meeting and may be subject to change until that time.


In attendance:

Coun.Palethorpe (Chairman)           Coun.Rattlidge

Coun.Carnell   (Vice Chair)              Coun.Burnham

Coun.Farrow                                       Coun.Smith

Coun.Mrs.Calland                              Coun.Latter

Coun.Jerwood                                     Coun.Ranjit


Miss Cat Freston – Parish Clerk


Coun.Palethorpe District Councillor


Coun.Dewhirst – County Councillor


Sixteen Members of the public present


34) APOLOGIES – No Apologies.


35) DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST –  Coun.Ranjit declared an interest on Planning Application 23/00932/NPA – Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GPDO change of use of agricultural building to two dwellings at Crokers Farm, Conniford Lane and Planning Application 23/01013/FUL – Change of use from storage and distribution (Use Class B8) to business and general industry (Use Classes E (g) and B2) at Unit 3 Crosslands Yard, Dainton Elm Cross.

Coun.Ranjit took no part in the discussion and did not vote.


Coun.Carnell on all the quotes obtained under Amenities. Coun.Carnell took no part in the discussion and did not vote.




Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th June 2023, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


Coun.Palethorpe proposed to move agenda item 7 before agenda item 5 as there were numerous members of the public present, seconded by Coun.Carnell (Agreed unanimously).


37) PLANNING – Coun.Farrow


District Councillor, Coun.Palethorpe is on the Planning Committee for TDC, so will not be commenting or voting on any Planning Applications discussed at this meeting.

To consider the following planning applications:

23/00799/HOU – Two storey side extension at 50, Dornafield Drive East.

Comment: Coun.Farrow proposed that Ipplepen Parish Council have no objection to this application. Seconded by Coun.Mrs.Calland (All unanimous)

23/00932/NPA – Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GPDO change of use of agricultural building to two dwellings at Crokers Farm, Conniford Lane, Ipplepen.

Comment: Coun.Farrow proposed that Ipplepen Parish Council have no objection in principle providing the property is classed as affordable or for occupation by agricultural workers, as it is outside the current settlement boundary. Seconded by Coun.Smith. (All unanimous)

23/00985/NPA – Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of part of an agricultural buildings into two dwellings at Newhouse Barton, Ipplepen.

Comment: This Planning Application was withdrawn on 29th June 2023.

23/01005/HOU – Front extension, alterations and extension to roof and new patio at Sunningdale, Totnes Road.

Comment: Coun.Farrow proposed that Ipplepen Parish Council propose no objection in principle to the works but have the following reservations.

  1. It may constitute as over development of the site.
  2. The first floor dormers could interfere with the amenity of the neighbouring properties.

Seconded by Coun.Mrs.Calland (All unanimous)

23/01013/FUL – Change of use from storage and distribution (Use Class B8) to business and general industry (Use Classes E (g) and B2) at Unit 3 Crosslands Yard, Dainton Elm Cross.

Comment: Coun.Farrow proposed that Ipplepen Parish Council have no objection in principle but would like to see any approval conditioned as follows.

  1. Noise arising from the site shall not exceed the background level by more than 5 dB.
  2. Details of any mechanical power generation or air extraction or external plant and equipment to be approved by the Local Authority.
  3. No deliveries or collections to take place outside the hours 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 1pm on Saturday, nor at any time on Sunday or Public/Bank Holidays.
  4. No machinery shall be operated, no process shall be carried out outside the times of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday; 8am to 1pm Saturday, nor at any time on Sunday or Public/Bank Holidays.
  5. There is to be no overnight parking of refrigerated vehicles.
  6. The existing metal gated entrance to be closed off and access and egress to the site is to be via the existing entrance off Conniford Lane.

Seconded by Coun.Rattlidge. (All unanimous)

23/01053/PIP – Permission in Principle for Eight dwellings at Land adjacent to Rosemoor Road, Ipplepen.41)

Comment: Coun.Farrow proposed that Ipplepen Parish Council object to this application as it is not within the Ipplepen Neighbourhood Plan and should the Planning Officer be of a mind to approve this application, that it is called in to be determined by TDC Planning Committee. Seconded by Coun.Carnell. (All unanimous)


38) PUBLIC QUESTION TIME – Coun.Dewhirst asked if the map of Footpaths around Ipplepen could be put onto the Parish Council Website. Action – Clerk to upload map on to the Parish Council website.




  1. a) Teignbridge District Council have sent an email regarding South Devon and Dartmoor CSP working with More Positive Me to deliver a bitesize training session to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse. The session will be taking place on Tuesday 18th July 2023 at 3.30pm through Microsoft Teams. To book a place visit
  2. b) Ipplepen Candlelit Procession Organisers have written a letter to ‘Save the date – Saturday 25th November 2023 for the Candlelit Procession. They have asked if Coun.Palethorpe would be the registered holder for the Chapter 8 and whether any other Councillors would volunteer to help with road/street marshals for the event. All Councillors except Coun.Farrow and Coun.Mrs.Calland are available to help.

They also asked if the Christmas tree could be erected in the Village square in time for the Candlelit procession. Action – Coun.Palethorpe and the Clerk to respond.

  1. c) Ipplepen Bowling Club have written to the Parish Council as they are concerned about the proposal to lock the access gate when the Contractor is cutting the grass at the Recreation Ground. The Amenities group have considered this and arrangements will be put in place to allow access. Action – Clerk to reply.
  2. d) An email received from Knights Solicitors regarding the certificates in relation to the restriction in the three titles for the land at Tremlett Grove. Action – The Clerk to contact Knights Solicitors to act on the Parish Council’s behalf at no cost to the Parish Council and enquire who will be responsible for the maintenance of the stream.


Outside Bodies:


Coun.Rattlidge attended the Councillor Advocate Scheme.


IpplePlanet Monthly report for Parish Council, Tuesday 6th June – 30th June 2023:
1. IpplePlanet have drafted a letter to clarify and improve working relations with Ipplepen Parish Council, see attached.  We would welcome the Parish Council’s thoughts on this and can discuss at the next Parish Council Amenities Meeting, on July 11th.
2. Preparing our IpplePlanet stall for the Village Show.
3. IpplePlanet are continuing to draft a short simple management plan taking into account the current physical and financial constraints. On hold.
Forthcoming events:
Saturday 15th July: IpplePlanet stall at Village Show. Providing information and advice on wildlife and environmental issues; and finding out what environmental improvements local people would like to see.




District Report – Coun.Palethorpe

I was pleased to accept the role as Chairman of Teignbridge District Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee 1 which is a cross party committee whose remit is to scrutinise issues residents feel are important both within the Council and organisation outside of the Council such as those who provide our utility services.


In the last month I have attended a number of committee meetings and perhaps more importantly acted on issues raised by Ipplepen residents.



This years Councillor Community Fund to support local projects is now up and running.

If you are involved in a local non-for-profit group and in need of some financial support for a project you can apply on the Teignbridge District Council webpage for the David Palethorpe Community Fund.

If you wish to discuss a project before complete it an application please feel free to contact me.

Please be aware that applications cannot be received from individuals.



If you are experiencing financial difficulties and have not received either a previous Household Support Fund payment in the last 6 months and/or an instalment of the £900 Cost of Living Payment, then you can apply for a Household Support Fund payment.

Support is provided for payment for goods or food vouchers, and short term help with food, energy or water bills or other essentials

Apply on TDC webpage or phone 01626 361101


David Palethorpe

Cllr for Ipplepen – Teignbridge District Council


County Report – Coun.Dewhirst


The Devon Windrush Flag was raised at County Hall to mark 75 years since the Empire Windrush arrived in Tilbury Dock and its 492 passengers disembarked to begin a new life in Britain.

Members of the Devon Windrush Group joined the Leader; our new Chairman, Percy Prowse; Chief Executive Donna Manson; the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Devon; and the Lord Mayor of Exeter, for the flag-raising.

The event was a chance to pay tribute to the UK’s Caribbean community for their immense contribution, and to acknowledge that many of the Windrush generation suffered hardship, prejudice and abuse – experiences that unfortunately many of their descendants still experience today, including those living in Devon.

And finally, the flag raising was an opportunity to recognise that our county has become increasingly diverse over the last 10 years – and as a society we are all the better for it.   The number of Devonians who identify as either being Asian, Black and other ethnically diverse people, as a proportion of the population, has increased by 71 per cent between the 2011 Census and the 2021 Census.

In 2011 243,500 people, approximately 4.6 per cent of the population, identified as ethnically diverse people; ten years later this has increased to 392,000 and 6.9 per cent of the population.

It seems apt, therefore, that Windrush Day should also present a chance for us to check the progress of our own commitment to inclusivity – our Race Equality Action Plan.

As Chair of the Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny committee I ensured that councillors heard that our own commitment – to stamp out intolerance and develop a more inclusive culture within the Authority through its Race Equality Action Plan – is making progress.   The plan was put into place following an internal audit last year to help us tackle ‘structural racism’ within the council.

At the Committee, the progress report included:

Improved support to staff who raise concerns and a new policy to resolve issues

New wellbeing, recovery and resilience service for staff who have experienced racism from next month

‘Zero tolerance’ approach when staff are racially abused

New Prayer and Contemplation facilities with improved disability access

New Race Equality Staff Group and a Race Equality Delivery Group

Increase in the size of the equality, diversity and inclusion team and its budget

New anti-racism webpage with staff resources and information

Improved risk assessment to safeguard staff who work in the community from racism

Staff encouraged to report racism and other forms of discrimination

A new living in the UK course for international recruits through Learn Devon

The Cabinet Member for waste says it’s unfair to ask all council tax payers to pay for the DIY waste of those who can afford to make their own home improvements.

Councillor Croad commented following a Government announcement last week stating their intention to stop councils charging for DIY waste at Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Charges were introduced for some DIY waste in 2011, in response to swingeing cuts to local council’s funding.

It was said then that by introducing charges for items such as kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, those costs would be met by households who can afford to make such home improvements, rather than the general public.

The Government’s decision will mean that Devon will lose around £1 million income – money used to maintain the comprehensive service across all of the 19 Household Waste Recycling Centres in the county.

Plans therefore to stop councils charging for DIY waste will make it harder to maintain the Household Waste Recycling Centres service as it is.   Cllr Croad said previously that such changes could mean us having to consider reducing opening hours.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper officially opened the brand-new railway station at Marsh Barton in Exeter yesterday.   The ceremony was carried out ahead of the station opening to passengers today when the first service will be calling at 0538.

The station will be served by hourly Great Western Railway services between Paignton and Exmouth, with half-hourly services at peak times.

The two platforms are linked by the pedestrian overbridge which has ramps to facilitate cyclists and provide disabled access to the whole station.

You might be interested to know that one of the first things I had to do as a new County Councillor, twelve years ago, was approve the planning application for this station . . .

Two new high-tech speed cameras have been installed on roads in Devon with a history of speeding issues.   New bi-directional digital cameras will replace older Gatso cameras on Exeter Road in Exmouth and the A385 Ashburton Road in Totnes.   All of these routes have had problems with collisions and speeding vehicles, prompting numerous complaints from residents to local councils and the police.

The cameras, which have been funded by the Vision Zero South West road safety partnership, have been erected on bright yellow posts for maximum visibility and have the ability to enforce speed in both directions simultaneously.

Vision Zero South West is undertaking an ambitious programme of new camera system installation, either replacing outdated technology at existing sites or introducing brand new schemes where an evidenced problem exists.


Alistair Dewhirst –


41) AMENITIES –  Coun.Carnell


The Minutes of the Amenities meeting held on 13th June 2023, were approved and taken as read.


  1. a) Park signage – Awaiting Quote.
  2. b) Park closure signage – Quote has been received
  3. c) Skate Park removal – No progress to date. Coun.Palethorpe to liaise with Coun.Ranjit who has the contact for removal of equipment.
  4. d) Toddlers roundabout – A quote has been received for the replacement parts. The cost is £1,156.00 + Vat compared to £8,000 to £10,000 for a new roundabout. Coun.Carnell proposed to purchase the replacement parts, seconded by Coun.Jerwood. (All unanimous).
  5. e) Park access road yellow lines – Completed.
  6. f) Defib cabinets – Completed.
  7. g) Clampitt road toilet for quotes new roof) – Quotes received.
  8. h) Tremlett play area bench – Concrete slab to be replaced- The new base for the bench has been completed and the bench has been installed.
  9. i) Mill centre re-surfacing – Quotes received.
  10. j) Property valuations – Completed.
  11. k) New football goal posts at Recreation Ground – Coun.Burnham to liaise with Ipplepen football club re potential sources of supply
  12. l) IAFC Storage Containers – The Parish Council will submit a Planning Application to TDC. IAFC to send drawings to Coun.Farrow.
  13. m) Cottage Garden club have agreed to the proposed terms and conditions of use of steel container to be sited in the recreation ground. The agreement has been signed by the Cottage Garden Committee and Coun.Palethorpe.


  • To consider the quotes received for the replacement roof at Clampitt Road toilets.

Two quotations have been received for the re-roofing of the toilet block at Clampitt Road.

RESOLUTION: Coun.Rattlidge proposed to accept Tender ‘B’, seconded by Coun.Ranjit and agreed unanimously at £4,800.00.

The Contractor will be FJF Property Maintenance.


  • Scaffolding quotes: Two quotes have been received for scaffolding for the re-roofing.

RESOLUTION: Coun.Mrs.Calland proposed to accept Tender ‘B’, seconded by Coun.Palethorpe and agreed unanimously at £1,104.00 including VAT.

The Contractor will be Quay Scaffolding.


  • To consider the quotes received for the re-surfacing of the Mill Centre Car Park.

Two quotations have been received for the re-surfacing of the Mill Centre Car Park including the Footpath.

RESOLUTION: Coun.Jerwood proposed to accept Tender ‘A’, seconded by Coun.Smith and agreed unanimously at £7,417.20 including VAT.

The Contractor will be White Rose Tarmacadam Ltd.


42) FINANCE & PERSONNEL – Coun.Smith


Balance No.                                                                                       £  44,928.26


MCMC – Reimbursement for electricity                                             £         19.11

Mill Centre – Rent                                                                               £         55.00

Ipplepen Community Fund – Grant towards Coronation                   £    1,436.40

Allotment Tenants – Rent                                                                   £       155.25


Balance                                                                                              £   46,594.02   


Invoices Received and Approved:                                                  £   4,582.72  


Balance                                                                                              £  42,011.30


Reserve Account Balance                                               £ 165,700.47


                                                                                                            £ 207,711.77

Items to discuss:


  1. a) Building Insurance Valuations for the Mill Centre and Ipplepen Football Club – It was agreed unanimously to increase the sums insured and pay the costs of the increase with the Insurance Company.




  1. Various road closures in place around the Village.
  2. Overgrown hedges – a letter will be sent to the landowners of the field off Foredown Road and the Main Road which is overgrown with brambles. Coun.Dewhirst has asked the Community Payback to carry out the works, but is unsure of when that will take place.
  3. The new footpath along the A381 needs adding to the Contractors works.
  4. The double yellow lines have been re-instated outside the Con Club.


44) PUBLIC QUESTION TIME –  No comments


45) To note the date of the next PC meeting: Tuesday 1st August at 7.15pm



Meeting Closed at 21.37pm