Extension to Local Plan Consultation and Temporary Change to the Statement of Community Involvement

The current consultation on Part 1 of the draft Local Plan for Teignbridge (2020-2040) was launched on 23rd March 2020. As a town or parish council, you will have hopefully received a notification from us in March to let you know about this alongside a paper copy of the Draft Local Plan and the Need to Know Guide.


Since the start of the consultation we have been carefully monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 social distancing restrictions and the effect that this is having on our ability to consult effectively with our communities. So far, we have been very pleased with, and encouraged by, the number of people who have participated in the consultation and wish to thank all of you who have taken the time to get involved to date.


The government recently suggested that councils should update their ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ to expressly set out the different ways in which people are included in consultations, given that face to face meetings during the pandemic are not possible.


As such, we’re updating the Statement that appears on our website and although this will not affect the substance of the consultation, we will extend the consultation to give people the statutory six weeks to comment after this change is made on 1 June.


Instead of closing on 15 June, the consultation, which launched on 23 March, will now run for a total of 16 weeks, closing on 13 July 2020.


The addendum to the Statement of Community Involvement can be viewed here.


Making the Plan available in your local area

Given the ongoing social distancing restrictions and the current closure of public buildings, it is a challenging time to raise awareness of the consultation for those people without access to the internet. As such, we are asking you, as the local leaders of your community, to help us in spreading the word and making the plan available for people in your communities to view.


Viewing the Local Plan

The Local Plan and its associated documents can be viewed at: www.teignbridge.gov.uk/localplanreview

Road Closure – A381 just outside of Totnes during week commencing 03/06/2020

Road closure on the A381 just outside of Totnes during the week commencing 03/06/2020. This is to carry out remedial work to the landslip that occurred earlier this year where traffic lights have been put on. The work is expected to finish on Friday 05/06/2020.

The work will safeguard that section of carriageway from further potential landslip debris/falls.

The official diversion route using roads of equivalent category is to take the A385 to Paignton, A380 to Newton Abbot, and rejoin the A381 out of Newton Abbot and vice-versa

COVID-19 – Update

A quick update following today’s partial lifting of some of the Covid 19 lockdown measures which allows us all more freedom to travel for exercise.

The tennis courts are now available and you will see that fencing has been erected to provide a safe route to them via the kissing gate.

The Tennis Club Committee are responsible for bookings and the use of the courts.

However the remainder of the play equipment on all of Ipplepen sites continue to be closed in accordance with the Government Guidelines because current available evidence shows that the Covid 19 virus can remain on metal surfaces for up to 72 hours.

For personal safety and to prevent infection spread the public toilets also remain closed.

The Parish Council will of course open all facilities as changes to the advice from Government is received.

Thank you again for all of your support around the village and for keeping to the social distancing guidelines.


“Following the statement from the Prime Minister on the 23rd March 2020, the Ipplepen Play Areas and Public Toilets are now closed and locked until further notice.

The Parish Council apologises for the inconvenience however the seriousness of the Coronavirus has made this necessary and we would ask that everyone follows the rules laid down by the Government and Public Health England.

Thank you


Need Assistance

Please Remember should you be alone and in need of assistance throughout the current Coronavirus outbreak, The Community Emergency Group may be able to help you.

Please call the Parish Clerk on 01803 813250 or email ipplepencouncil@btopenworld.com who will coordinate the groups actions.

The Main Objectives of the Group are to :

Identify the risks to the community and relevant response actions

Provide welfare to those affected by an emergency

Provide key contact details for the Parish Council Emergency Group, Key Community Resources, the Emergency Services and Local Authorities

Identify vulnerable people in the community

Identify resources in the community available to assist during an emergency

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You will be acutely aware of the current situation regarding Coronavirus and the national and local efforts to contain it.

We can all help by making sure we stay abreast of the latest health advice and guidance from Public Health England and sharing this with our local residents.

Up to date information can always be found via the County Council’s website www.devon.gov.uk. You can also follow Public Health England’s Facebook page or Twitter feed for the latest updates, information and advice.

Unfortunately, yesterday it was confirmed by the Chief Medical Officer that Devon has its first suspected cases of a local resident having contracting Coronavirus (COVID -19) following a trip to Northern Italy.

We understand from Public Health England (PHE) that all close contacts of those infected will be traced and given health advice about symptoms and emergency contact details to use if they become unwell in the 14 days after contact.

PHE also advise that if anyone has recently been to one of the affected areas and is feeling unwell, they should phone the NHS 111 helpline for further advice straight away rather than go to the doctor or a hospital.

Detailed guidance from PHE and the NHS includes Frequently Asked Questions.

More generally, we can also help by reminding everyone that good hygiene is the best prevention and there are some simple steps everyone can take to protect themselves and their family. These include washing hands regularly and thoroughly and covering mouths and noses with a tissue when coughing and disposing of the tissue bin.


Pro Neighbourhood Watch?

Ipplepen Parish Council are hoping to re-launch a neighbourhood watch scheme for the Village. We invite all those interested to come along and find out more.
You can do as much as you want, or a little as you are able – We do need your support.
Meeting will be held on Thursday 19th March 2020, at the Millennium Centre 7pm